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Reblog if you think fanfiction is a legitimate form of creative writing.

let’s be honest, for a very long time fanfic was perfectly legit, they just called it something different

like most of what shakespeare wrote

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are we all just so fucking exhausted right now because it’s the end of the semester and OH GOD ALL THE PAPERS and SPRING PRETTY GREEN HAPPY WARM YAY

because i need some nancy/ned fic like right now dammit


when ur thirsty for fic but you have quite fucking literally read every single quality fanfiction for the pairing


hmm. the jane eyre fic i’m working on right now, is now the longest one i’ve written - and it’s nowhere near done. hee.

i’ve had nancy’s wedding dress for precious picked out for a while now, and i am so excited for her to try it on.

(i’m aware that sounds like the manifestation of a mental illness.)

just posted an update to precious.

granted, chapter 3 is going to be roughly NOVEL LENGTH by itself, so this is just the first (almost 20k) section of that chapter.

(since the chapter is incomplete, it’s only up at my writing journal right now, not AO3. caution: contains adult language and sex and drama and shenanigans.)

breathless by ndnickerson (Nancy Drew books, Nancy/Ned, NC-17)

Nancy and Ned find themselves home alone together during Nancy Drew Files 78, Update On Crime. (Only mild spoilers for the book, and you definitely don’t need to have read it before reading this.) Happy birthday, nmcompton! :)

i’m moody and sad, internet.


(side note: i really should’ve finished the section of precious i was working on before i began this other fic. argh.)

embrace (nancy drew/star trek, nancy/ned, nc-17) | Archive of Our Own

It’s finished! Part of a series, Nancy Drew in the Star Trek universe. Prompt: Nancy takes Ned home to meet her family.