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shelter (nancy drew, pg-13, 1/?)


Title: shelter (1/?)
Author: ndnickerson
Universe: pre- and during Files, alternate canon
Pairing/Characters: Edith Nickerson/James Nickerson; future Ned Nickerson/Nancy Drew
Word Count: 4700
Rating: PG-13
Summary/Prompt: Edith and James are heartbroken when told they will never have a child, but fate has other plans.
Spoilers: None.
Warnings: Potentially triggering discussion of pregnancy, miscarriage, and loss. (This story also contains mild religious elements.)

chapter 1 at my writing journal
story to date at AO3


that wonderful feeling when i’ve written something that no one’s clamoring for, and i get to decide whether to post it at 10pm or wait until the next day.

eh, i’m gonna post it now. why not.

and then eat dinner, as today has gotten entirely out of hand

every now and then, no matter what else i’m working on,

i just really want to write a nancy/ned sex scene

sadly the two stories i’m currently working on don’t call for it, so i get to open up another in-progress story and throw one in there wheeeeeeee




While investigating a crime with Nancy, Ned witnesses something that puts him in danger. After escalating attempts on his life, the prosecutor begs him to enter the Witness Protection Program. Nancy wants to keep Ned safe, but she knows that she can’t be everywhere, and a momentary slip might…

I wasn’t able to get this out of my head so may have kind of started writing a little snippet and then totally started daydreaming about what life would be like post that for them & their families & if they’d ever be reunited and somewhere along the line I realized it was an obsession.

It’s a really interesting scenario, honestly, and either way is really fun to imagine. Nancy doing everything she can to put the culprits behind bars, because she knows that it could mean Ned’s life if she fails, but she can never be sure that she’s found everyone. Imagine a member of the group that’s pursuing Ned giving Nancy a devil’s bargain: if she catches someone else for them, they’ll consider the debt paid. Imagine how awful it would be if that person were another witness against them, a good person with a family who they want dead. Imagine, if that person was even more terrifying than the group going after Ned.

Imagine Nancy and Ned together in witness protection, fighting the urge every day not to contact their families, always worried about new people at their jobs or in their lives. Imagine if Nancy found out she was pregnant and she realized that she might never be able to tell their child who they were. Imagine that the only time Nancy ever hears her own true name is on Ned’s lips when they’re in bed together at night, and even then he only whispers it against her skin when her hips are cupped in his palms and her arms are around his neck.


what if ned nancy and frank had a threeway. w h a t i f

afjsgndxj in all honesty i feel like if this were to actually happen it would end up going really bad, and each of them would try and keep the other away from nancy tbh and it would just end with one pushing the other off the bed i swear….. but in a perfect world.. mmm,

a multitude of sins - DEFINITELY NC-17 so please read responsibly

to do list

  1. finish chameleon
  2. write revolvers's birthday fic
  3. finish precious
  4. finish at least three more chapters of all the stars afire
  5. rewrite another nancy drew/hardy boys super mystery which would follow the character arcs in honeymoon on the nile
  6. take a really long nap (six months from now when all this is done)


To anyone who accessed my stories that way, I’m letting ivory-charmed.com expire because the website is stagnant and almost all the content there (plus a LOT more) is already at my AO3 site. (The story orphanage is nowhere else, though, so I’ll probably find somewhere else to put that.)

If you know of a story there that you want to save for later, please do so ASAP. The website will expire around July 25, 2014.

Let us help you stop writing shitty articles about fanfic.


More than a decade after the Harry Potter craze kicked fanfic culture straight into the mainstream, we’re still seeing regular appearances from that most embarrassing of journalistic genres: the poorly researched thinkpiece expressing shock, horror, bemusement, and condescension for fandom and the (mostly female) fans who write fanfiction.

So for anyone out there who has just been hired to explain the intricacies of fanfic culture to a confused and ill-informed audience, here are a few misconceptions we can get out of the way before you even start:

Myth: Reporters should ask celebrities what they think about the awkward fanfic fans write about them

No. First of all, asking a celebrity to simply “react” to fanfiction being written about the fictional character they portray (and occasionally the actor themselves) is actually shorthand for “I’m a lazy reporter who would rather exploit fans than do the work of rounding up real questions for this interview.”

Secondly, this celebrity who is having lots of slash written about them has already been asked about their thoughts on slash by the other 145 million unoriginal reporters who came along before you and went, “What can I do to be edgy? Oh, I know, I’ll show them the fanfiction about them on the Internet!” They are sick of being asked this question.

Thirdly, depending on any number of personal/social/contextual factors that have nothing to do with the show, the fandom, or the content of the fanfic, being asked about fanfic could make them feel uncomfortable, which means you were just rude and invasive for stupid reasons.


(In which Gav and Aja attempt to debunk every terrible article ever written on fanfic, which we hopefully will never have to read again.)

the doorway (nancy/ned, pg-13)


Title: the doorway
Author: ndnickerson
Universe: post-canon
Pairing/Characters: Nancy/Ned, their children
Word Count: 4600
Rating: PG-13
Summary/Prompt: Clue Crew ficathon prompt “heaven.” Nancy and Ned’s children are given some sad news.
Spoilers: None.
Warnings: Adult topics/themes, specifically death. Major character death and related angst. May provoke ugly crying.

story at my writing journal
story at AO3

NOTE: This is the story I was talking about earlier this week. Seriously. I’m going to be posting the not-at-all-related, take-your-mind-off-this-one story in a few minutes.