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been adding a lot to tumblr savior lately but i think that might be a sign that i need to unfollow some people, or a lot of blogs.

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Nancy becomes really good friends with Callie Shaw, and when Nancy and Ned’s first child is born, she asks Callie to be a godmother.

shelter (nancy/ned, pg-13, 4/?)

Title: shelter (4/?)
Author: ndnickerson
Universe: pre- and during Mystery Stories/Files, alternate canon
Pairing/Characters: Edith Nickerson/James Nickerson; Ned Nickerson/Nancy Drew
Word Count: 4900
Rating: PG-13
Summary/Prompt: Edith and James are heartbroken when told they will never have a child, but fate has other plans.
Spoilers: None.
Warnings: General adventure/peril. (This story also contains mild religious elements.)

chapter 4 at my writing journal
story to date at AO3

Chuck/Ned - forced to share a bed ( for the creativity that would entail ) or Nancy/Ned - body swap or accidental baby acquisition

Ned’s solution to sleeping in the same bed with Chuck (which is both a terrible nightmare and a dream come true) is to stay awake ALL NIGHT. All he needs is the mental image of waking up next to her, dead-forever, to make him remember how important that is. But she’s miles of bare skin because it’s summer and she’s warm, and she grins at him and then suggests they tell ghost stories, and it’s awful, how much he just wants to feel her skin under his palm one last time. He imagines a thousand things: that her father will flay him alive if he touches her, that her skin will light in flames, but the worst is the thought of her dead-forever, her dancing eyes closed forever. But by morning he’s asleep, and he wakes to find her stroking his hair, her hand in an oven mitt and a smile on her face.

Nancy and Ned are home alone at his parents’ house on Friday night (the Nickersons are out of town, and Nancy’s excited and nervous and happy to be spending the night with him) when they hear a frantic knock at the door, and they open it to see Ned’s cousin Amanda, who is begging for a babysitter for the night. She doesn’t have time to explain, but she hands Ned her three-month-old and Nancy the diaper bag, and only waits long enough to hear them say they’ll take care of her before Amanda’s running back to her car, headlights still on and driver’s side door open. Ned’s disappointed, really disappointed, and Nancy is too, but the baby takes all their attention for a while; they have to figure out the diapers and bottles and everything, and once the initial panic has worn off, it’s actually not so bad. The baby cries and they change her diaper, give her a bottle, burp her. Ned ends up having to change his shirt and when he comes back downstairs Nancy’s on the floor with the baby in her arms, telling her softly that she’s a good girl and her mommy will be back soon, and then she looks up at Ned and his heart flips and he can’t get that image out of his head, of Nancy with a baby, their baby.

Once the baby is asleep, really asleep, Ned brings the bassinet his mom put in the attic to his own room and they very gently put the baby in it, and they’re both waiting for the baby to wail when Ned takes Nancy to bed, but the baby stays asleep while they’re kissing, while they hold each other. She doesn’t want to go all the way, and that’s okay with him; maybe he likes the thought of her with a baby, but not yet, just not yet.

And they’re both nervous but Nancy does the changing and Ned makes the bottles when the baby wakes and cries overnight, and Ned has the baby in his arms to feed her in the morning and Nancy looks over at him with this softness in her eyes, and Ned thinks that maybe she’s starting to like the idea, too.

Tell me about what you’d write for a Scully x Mulder High School AU and Nancy x Ned Apocalypse fic!

Oh man. I’ve seen some great pic sets for a Mulder/Scully high school AU.

So after Samantha’s gone Mulder decides he wants to be an astronaut for a while and he applies to go to a private science and math academy because he’s insanely smart, and he’s a loner there which is hard to do, but he does his homework as fast as he can and spends the rest of his time on the Internet combing through forum postings and databases and trying to make sense of things that never can make sense, because as long as he’s thinking about that he’s not losing his mind thinking about Sam. Scully comes in his second year; she’s there on scholarship and she has a chip on her shoulder and she’s brilliant, on the front row in all her classes, but she couldn’t give less of a fuck when she’s outside class. Mulder kind of falls in love with her like the first time their eyes meet. And then he drops by his bio teacher’s office to ask something and Scully walks out and there are red spots on her knees and fire in her eyes and her mouth is wet and she’s daring him to say something, and he sees something when she looks at him, like she’s a little broken too.

The next night he finds her in the library—Mulder’s roommate put a sock on the door so he’s steering clear—and she’s wearing Chucks and her eyebrows are a solid line of disdain when she looks up at him, but he just shrugs. “You wanna break curfew?” he says, and wiggles his eyebrows, and she just snorts, and he shrugs and walks away. She finds him 45 min later huddled in a carrel with a Greek dictionary, a pile of sunflower hulls beside the book in clear defiance of the glaring librarian trying to shoo them all out.

"Yeah," she says, and twenty minutes later they’re climbing the stone wall in the darkness and she looks so alive, and he’s in love.

Nancy/Ned apocalypse - really hasn’t been overdone, which is neat!

It comes as a plague and there’s no coming back from it, and it’s not a question of whether, but when they’ll be exposed. Her father pulls all the strings he can and gets her a ticket on a plane going to an unpopulated area in the hopes she’ll make it out alive, but Ned’s with her and she screams in despair when she finds out that Ned has no ticket, he can’t come with her; she refuses to leave but Ned swears to her that he’ll follow her as soon as he can, but she can tell by the way he kisses her, the way he looks into her eyes and memorizes her face, that he thinks he’ll never see her again, not on this side.

She’s with a group and they take all the provisions they can, everything they can, knowing that if the mortality rate is too great, everything will be disrupted soon. They watch the news until there is no more news, until there’s only static, until the panic sets in: fifty percent mortality, sixty, sixty-five; people who seemed to recover experiencing another attack that killed them in less than a day. It was during that terrible time that Nancy tried to blame her lack of period on the stress and anxiety, but when the morning sickness came, she knew. And she had no way to tell her father or Ned. She read his last messages to her over and over. I love you forever. You are my only, for always, and I need you to live, I need you to be safe.

Once an older woman in their group sees what Nancy’s condition is, she organizes a trip to a pharmacy and they grab everything they can in the already-looted store they might need, but Nancy’s eight months pregnant when the lights begin to flicker, when the blackouts are longer. She doesn’t know where he is, if he’s alive or dead, if she’ll ever see him again.

The baby is born by candlelight at sunrise one morning, screaming and healthy, after almost a day of labor and terrible pain, but she has a daughter with Ned’s dark hair and her blue eyes on the day they learn that eighty-eight percent of the population is gone, and those who survive, for now anyway, seem to be immune. And Nancy names her daughter Cara, beloved, and cries until she has no more tears left at the thought that Ned might never see her.

Cara is two months old when the man arrives at their camp. He’s bearded and his eyes are haunted; he’s seeking family, a survivor, and Nancy goes to the evening meal with her baby, hoping she can provide any help at all.

And he looks into her eyes and they’re his eyes and he cries out when he sees her, he runs to her and she collapses into his arms, and it feels like her heart has finally started beating again.

"Ned," she whispers. "Oh, Ned… say hello your daughter."







What if we finally find out what Frank was going to say in LIE in the messages and it turns out to be something gay like “NANCY! I just wanted to tell you that I’ve always….admired your detective work.”



( First I’m going to mention that the previous post did have a tag of ‘jk I love everyone’ because context is everything. So before anyone starts with how I just keep “attacking” I’m only trying to make this issue abundantly clear. )

And here I thought I was doing a good thing by not giving in to my first instinct of having Frank pour his heart out and Nancy laugh hysterically in his face. I didn’t even tag it as anything Frank-related that people would be searching for. I started a new tag: ‘ugh Frank’.

Dear Francy shippers,

Feel free to blacklist ‘ugh Frank’ because I plan on using it a lot. I hate Frank in any context with Nancy. I can pick up a HB book and have no problem with him, but he and Joe both tend to come up short compared to Nancy in canon.

And it’s my right to post hateful things about an IMAGINARY CHARACTER. So I plan to keep on doing that. And no one has a right to call me or anyone else out on it—especially any blogs that make it painstakingly obvious in their title that it’s dedicated to Nedcy. It would be a different story if any of us were to be saying awful things directly to Francy shippers attacking them instead of just their ship. By all means, if that were the case I’d support and join you.

If it’s not enough for you that I’ve created a tag for you to blacklist, I’m sorry but that’s as far as I’m going. I enjoy the little ficlets I write to make up for any Francy content and I’m sure there are some others who appreciate it too.

I think Nedcy shippers should be encouraged to write fics in any way they can. FFN is just about 99% Francy. It’s at the point where I’m probably missing a few good Nedcy fics on there because it seems pointless to check when all there ever seems to be is Francy. 

So please don’t talk about this big injustice you all have because Francy isn’t canon. If you want to tit for tat, let’s see what we have…a frequently unfaithful Nancy, hm- nope, no series literally dedicated to our ship being together SORRY, AROUND EACH OTHER, and a severe deficit when it comes to fanfics & the such.

And so help me God, if ‘Francy shippers would never do this’ is going to become a big thing I will be a dog with a bone and start digging up every example of how wrong that really is. Nedcy posts are hijacked all the time by Francy shippers.

YES. :)


reading a book, and the heroine has at least passing knowledge of mythology and literary tropes

she is clearly in a gothic horror situation and doing everything she can to IGNORE IT (“bad dreams/sedatives given to me by my clearly very sympathetic captors/just my imagination/the recent injury i sustained was throwing me off”) and she’s making a series of bad decisions

and what’s worse is that the book starts off with “FUCK, some terrible shit happened that summer, and i wish i’d known but hindsight is 20/20” followed by like 100 pages of boring not exciting shit and the occasional odd/unsettling occurrence sustained by the initial “BUT HAD I ONLY KNOWN”

in short, i want to punch the heroine, who does not deserve the desperately hot young man currently trying to rescue her from her own idiocy

(note: the book does at least contain a “heroine is referred to as Nancy Drew in a ‘wants to investigate a mystery, not a condescending’ way” reference, so there’s that)


i do not ship the fandom’s main ship: a lesson in agony

i feel this on a deep spiritual level

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