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yayyyyyyyy (i was born hating francy 99.5%)

like, i think as a young girl i never even considered that to be a thing?? then like coming in to all of this it’s wow a big thing, and i think that’s why a part of me still has to ship, it because its stuff that comes out of the fandom a lot. but whoop!!! i’m not aloneeee

As soon as I read my first Nancy Drew book (Clue in the Old Stagecoach), I IMMEDIATELY shipped Nancy/Ned, before I had any idea what that meant. I thought Ned was the perfect boyfriend. He was sweet and protective and he always wanted to help Nancy on her mystery investigations, and when she went on vacation he would find a way to just “end up” there too, usually with dates for Bess and George in tow, and… yeah. And he would take her DANCING. And he was clearly head over heels in love with her, and he NEVER pressured her into anything, and if she was uncomfortable talking about something, he just dropped that topic. And I love him.

This Nancy/Frank business only popped up in books when she was working with the Hardy Boys. Although hilariously the Hardys are fictional characters in the Files universe:

Anyway. I’ve never liked seeing Nancy with anyone else. ANYONE else. I’m not singling out Frank here, although I think the two of them as a couple would never work long-term. I think Ned is just different enough from Nancy, and because Ned tends to take the more “feminine” role in the relationship - he’s more focused on safety, domesticity, the household, while allowing Nancy the freedom to act in the more “masculine” sphere of mystery-solving - they mesh well. She loves mysteries and he loves being with her and she loves when he helps with mysteries, and so they just WORK and I can talk about this for days. ;)

Also bonus Raymond Chandler reference, which, props to that ghostwriter because Raymond Chandler is hands-down my favorite author.