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Hmm. I want to look evil, but not satanic…

MST3K: The Thing That Couldn’t Die

"But I’m alive with pleasure, ma’am!"

Good! I hope it rises and FALLS ON YOU AGAIN.

MST3K: The Thing That Couldn’t Die

"Just warmin’ my butt!"

I was just pimp-slapped by a bat; how the hell do I put that in the report?

MST3K: It Lives By Night (Bat People)

"Bats are without sin."

Out of the Blue: RetroTV Will Air Episodes Of Mystery Science Theater 3000


A list of broadcast stations and cable systems/channels that carry RetroTV is here: http://www.myretrotv.com/affiliates—schedules.html


Fever for the flavor of Pringles. Actual footage.

MST3K: Devil Doll

"Check it out, her hair acts like a smokeless ashtray."

Hey, there’s a crazed sweaty guy running around wearing pajamas and—oh, he’s wearing a blazer, it’s all right.

MST3K: Bat People (It Lives By Night)